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“Charter Global has worked effectively with NCR’s Software Engineering Center in delivering superior and creative solutions. With its consistent quality performance, Charter Global stands out from other vendors.”


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Latest Tech Trends
  • Quarantine in the Tech Industry – How it Affects Business

    With COVID-19 spreading all over the world, countries have had differing approaches on how to keep people safe. For many, it involves a strict quarantining and shut down of businesses to restrict the exposure people have to each other. Since every day there seems to......

  • What You Need to Know About SharePoint?

    In today’s remote environment the world is looking for better collaboration software to make working successful during the pandemic, more and more companies are turning to Microsoft SharePoint. As a management and collaboration system, SharePoint allows its users to be halfway around the globe while......

  • Recruiting Great Node.js Developers

    While JavaScript runs on the client-side of programming, Node.js was created to help with the server-side. Node.js is event-driven (on a loop) and requires minimal threads and memory. This in turn makes it extremely easy to work with and scale.     To find a......