QA Automation Testing Services

Improve IT team collaboration and ensure smooth delivery.

Reduce cycle time while increasing quality and stability.

QA Automation Testing Services improve collaboration between development and operations teams with shared access and insight into the development cycle. Charter Global provides skilled resources, tools, and guidance in implementing DevOps processes and Microservices architecture. Don’t let manual testing processes slow down your project/product.

Go Beyond the Limitations of Manual Testing with Automation.

The ever-evolving intelligent test automation offers the following benefits.

Quick response to changing business demands

Speedy time to market

Excellent customer experience

Improved accuracy

Improved accuracy Initial recognition of defects

Enhanced productivity and time savings

Actual preciseness in recognizing defects

Helps both developers and testers

Saving time + money = Faster time to market

Improved test efficiency

Increase in overall test coverage

Lower maintenance costs

Reusability of code

Minimal manual intervention

Maximum test coverage


Best Tools and Best Practices

We evaluate your current process to determine areas for improvement and to establish a benchmark. Our experienced team offers insight for best practices to improve production with a reliable, secure, and high-performance product output.

Our best practices include:

Recommending the best automation tools to fit your business

Optimizing the automation process when it's implemented

Reducing the cost for a shorter time-to-production

Identifying automation risks and planning effective mitigation strategies

Selecting the best suited automation tool for product technologies and requirements

Developing a modular, portable, maintainable, and reusable automation framework

Integrating various tools & technologies with an automation framework

Regression testing your application

Developing robust automated tests and environments

Assessing every test cycle thoroughly

Benefits of Switching to QA Automation Testing Services

Incredible speed

Cross Platform testing in Parallel Integration with other CI tools


Timely bug detection


High precision with no human error

We have a dedicated team with Technical experts. Our skilled technical resources can create frameworks or work within any existing automation framework to improve throughput and test coverage.

Charter Global’s Capabilities

Faster Time-to-Market: we quickly implement the automation suite using a ready-to-use, in-house, automation framework. This maximizes the ROI.

Accelerated Results: we use a parallel execution method on Cloud Networking with Docker.

Faster Feedback: Customized HTML views and advanced Extent Reports.

Expertise in CI/CD: Agile & DevOps transformations support the changing needs of your business. Continuous Integration – Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS etc.

Tech Stack: Identify tools and recommend based on your ecosystem and a wide range in the technology landscape (Selenium, Appium, Nightwatch, UFT, Jmeter, WAPT).

Why Charter Global?

Our people are skilled in tools such as Jenkins, Git, and Docker, as well as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud platforms. Leverage our cloud experience to control costs.

Reduce complexity and increase scalability

Store and correlate data from different applications and devices

A consistent environment from development to production

Cloud-based management tools simplify access and analysis real-time

Identify and diagnose issues quickly

Flexible analytics and application performance monitoring practices

Track transactions from customer interaction to the IT infrastructure

Product tested through every step of production

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